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Responsible for tracking key social media metrics, comparing our campaign results to the competition and analyzing the business impact of our social media marketing efforts.

Cinram 1K Studios LLC is a leading digital marketing agency with more than 10 years of consumer online marketing experience; and is a division of Cinram, wholly owned by Najafi Companies., one of the largest entertainment support and logistics companies in the world. 1K is one of the original Content Marketing agencies to harness the power of content and second screen story telling for our Fortune 500 clients.
We develop strategies and tactics that maximize the full power and scope of our client’s online communities and Social Media platforms. 1K provides the critical resources necessary to work with our client’s internal teams to implement, execute, manage and measure these strategies through Paid, Owned and Earned Media Channels into actionable results.

We are currently seeking an Analytics Manager to add to our growing LA team. The Analytics Manager is responsible for producing compelling and insightful client reports, research, analysis, and recommendations for several of our core clients, household names. This person will be responsible for tracking key social media metrics, comparing our campaign results to the competition and analyzing the business impact of our social media marketing efforts. The ideal candidate demonstrates an intellectual curiosity and a desire to dive deep in the numbers to discover context and make the business case.

In addition, this person will aggregate all of 1K’s campaign results into a results database that can be used to provide benchmarks for prospective and existing client campaigns. Finally, the Analytics Manager will help create, implement and manage the next generation of web dashboard reports and ROI analytics, leveraging the latest social media metrics, vendor tools, management of internal databases, and business intelligence software. The candidate needs to be comfortable turning data into stories and discussing results with internal and external clients.

The ideal candidate should have a strong background in consumer marketing, market research and social media metrics. They should have advanced analytical skills and have prior hands-on experience working with business intelligence software in a partial or complete web-based client reporting environment. Previous work experience with a marketing agency, a consumer facing brand or a social media related technology vendor is highly preferred.

Client Reporting & Analysis:
• Provide client and competitive reporting including weekly, monthly and mid-campaign analytics. Primary lead for clients on a few business verticals.
• Identify and deliver industry or campaign related metrics, benchmarks, and projections related to a specific proposal.
• Work closely with the Director of Insights and Analytics, and account teams to calculate projections vs. actuals, present findings, and educate team members on trends.
• Maintain the catalogued metrics within 1K’s campaign database and leverage the archived data to improve upon for future campaigns.
• Present expert analysis and insights directly to clients and prospective clients via teleconference as well as in-person.

Research & Analytics Innovation and Development:
• Own the planning, execution and management of our client reporting system to include real time, web-based reports and dashboards with support from developers as needed for software design or development.
• Identify analytics vendors and tools to better display and visualize data as well as client results to make our campaigns come alive.
• Work with Digital Concept Designer to translate research and analytics into a visually appealing and comprehensive design as well as improve upon our client reporting templates and analytics.
• Leverage analysis tools to identify how 1K can differentiate itself from competitors in the areas of research and analytics.
• Analyze our success from campaign to campaign via an internal database that can be shared with all 1K staff.

Business Development Analytical Support:
• Perform social media, demographic and industry vertical research and analysis in support of business development proposals.
• Establish ROI analytics and benchmarks in support of prospective client proposals.

Position Requirements
• Great presentation and communication skills. Must be confident presenting to clients face to face.
• Works well under pressure and can meet tight deadlines.
• The ability to translate technical information and relay it in a way that is easy to absorb.
• 4-7 years of hands-on work experience for a large brand, marketing agency or consumer market research firm in which client reporting, research and web-based analytics and client dashboards were central to the business.
• Basic knowledge of social media metrics and third party reporting tools such as Radian6, Netbase, or other leading platforms.
• Knowledge of online and offline advertising, marketing and promotion related metrics is helpful to put the social media results in proper context.
• Proven ability to not just deliver insightful reports and analysis, but design the report parameters and templates at the front end of a project or campaign.
• Advanced Excel is a must. Candidate must have experience working with large data, reporting databases and have the ability to sort, analyze, import, export, clean data, work with pivot tables, and know how to do V and H lookups, etc.
• Experience working with databases such as Access or MS-SQL is preferred.
• A background in statistics, marketing, consumer behavior or analysis.


Culture within the team is important. If we don't believe in the same things, we can't work together for building great client programs!

1 in 5
1 in 5 hours should be spent experimenting. Without constant innovation and play, we will fall behind on why our clients hire us, to be the best, to innovate, and to know what is working, and what is next

Be Flexible
What works for me, doesn’t work for you. We need to be flexible in the way that our team is most productive. The key here isn’t separation, but creativity, effectiveness for the client and team

Side Projects
Encourage side projects and doing things of passion. This is where innovation comes from and the energy and passion to do the best work

Charity and Causes
Allot time to work on projects that allow us to get involved with things we believe in, not just to get paid. These can be charities or good causes. This should be an overall team decision as it takes a commitment by everyone to be involved and feel the same about giving our time

If we aren’t connected in all the ways our communities are, how are we to stay in contact with them and understand they way they communicate. Allow for enough funding for each person to have the tools and tech they need be relevant

Location Pay rateTax term
Burbank, CA, United States DOEW2 Employee

We're sorry, but the Analytics Manager position has been closed.

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